After 40 years in Manhattan, the phoDOGrapher Has Moved to Southern Beaujolais

It was an honor and a pleasure to photograph some of New York's most charming animals over the last four decades!

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Studio Dog Portraits

For the ultimate photos of your dog, with the most detail and exquisite lighting, bring your pet to our Manhattan studio. With complete control of backgrounds, props, and lighting, we’ll create dog portraits that you’ll be proud to own forever.

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Pet Portraits in Your Home

If your dog is not comfortable in new environments, or if you just want photos of him with his own surroundings, I can come to you. I’ll bring portable lights and explore your dog’s personality where he’s most comfortable. Get some phoDOGraphy pet portraits of your own dog!

Outdoor Pet Portraits in NYC

I call them “outdoor safaris”, and these are really my signature pet portraits. Walking the streets of Manhattan with my camera near the ground most of the time, I capture a real dog’s-eye view of the world, with dogs that seem larger than life and Gotham looming in the background. These pet portrait sessions always …

Shelter Dog Portraits by New York City pet photographer

Animal Haven Shelter Dogs & Cats (archive)

Recently I started visiting Animal Haven in SoHo again, to photograph dogs and cats that need homes. It’s always difficult not to bring another animal home with me. But we’re trying to keep it down to seven (all rescues), between home and my wife’s store. Most of these animals have probably found homes by now, but please visit …

Senior Beagle Portrait

Champ the Beagle!

Champ the Beagle lives just down the street, and like most Beagles, he was an exceptionally nice dog, and I hope you’ll agree, quite photogenic.

Golden Retriever Puppy Portrait in Manhattan

Big City Golden Retriever Puppy

I love meeting new people and their dogs in neighborhoods all over the city for outdoor photo shoots. We all have a great time and quickly develop a rapport revolving around the dog as I take action photographs and portraits exhibiting a wide range of expressions with the city as a backdrop. Barnaby is a …