Pet Portraits in Your Home

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If your dog is not comfortable in new environments, or if you just want photos of him with his own surroundings, I can come to you. I’ll bring portable lights and explore your dog’s personality where he’s most comfortable.

Get some phoDOGraphy pet portraits of your own dog!

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  1. Hi I have 2 dogs and an old cat all 3 are recuses. They had a really hard start and still have issues. Rody my Afinpinsher she’s very skittises after mother in law died her husband put Rody in a kill shelter. My husbands mom, who passed, would be beside herself. Rody was her baby she’s 6 years old lived in Tenessee and when we found out she was on death row my hubby drove all night to get her. Now RC our kitty when a baby he was thrown, we think out of his into the woods up north to fend for himself, he was so tiny and adopted Grandpa, LOL. His friends wanted to shoot him because they hate cats and that’s how they deal with strays. But I fell in love with him and he’s been an indoor fat cat ever since. Last but not lease Roger my Peekapooh all white and my quiet child with separation anxiety my favorite sorry. Had him since a baby got him from Family Puppy an Puppy Mill Puppy severly abused and beaten he’s now 6 and still hates my hubby but loves everybody else. They are my furry babies and I truly adore them. I want portraits of them, I live in Michigan, Brighton, 48116.

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