Paris Worm Dog, 1985

The phoDOGrapher Has Moved to France

Back to the country where phoDOGraphy was born. I first photographed street dogs in 1985 in France. They exhibited so much character, so much variety of expression—plus a certain je ne sais quoi—that I decided on that trip that I would make those furry faces a major part of my career. Now I’m going back …

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Studio Dog Portraits

For the ultimate photos of your dog, with the most detail and exquisite lighting, bring your pet to our Manhattan studio. With complete control of backgrounds, props, and lighting, we’ll create dog portraits that you’ll be proud to own forever.

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Pet Portraits in Your Home

If your dog is not comfortable in new environments, or if you just want photos of him with his own surroundings, I can come to you. I’ll bring portable lights and explore your dog’s personality where he’s most comfortable. Get some phoDOGraphy pet portraits of your own dog!

Outdoor Pet Portraits in NYC

I call them “outdoor safaris”, and these are really my signature pet portraits. Walking the streets of Manhattan with my camera near the ground most of the time, I capture a real dog’s-eye view of the world, with dogs that seem larger than life and Gotham looming in the background. These pet portrait sessions always …