“Can I Have Digital Files of My Pet Portraits”?

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Framed and Frameless Fine-Art Wall Prints


You can have medium-resolution digital files of the images that you select for your included prints or any optional items you buy from my catalog. These are individually optimized and retouched files, and they’ll look beautiful on your computer, tablet, TV, etc. They’ll also look great on Facebook and in eMail. I want to make it easy for you to enjoy your pet portraits with all the latest technology.

You can even get your entire collection of phoDOGraphy pet portraits in digital form—just order a boxed set of prints or an album with all your photos, and you’ll get digital copies of every photo as well.

But Please Don’t Print Them!


As Ansel Adams said, “ A negative is like the score of a symphony, and a print is the performance of that symphony.”

A photographer’s original file, like a negative, is unfinished art. The final step of reproduction—printing, is an essential step that should be at least inspected and approved by the artist.

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The Final Step in Creation of Fine Art Photography Should be at least Overseen by the Artist

The client who hires a professional pet photographer—instead of just taking her own pet portraits or asking a friend with a new camera to do it—expects and deserves professional results. Whether she wants a framed wall print or holiday cards, those products should reflect the vision and quality of the professional photographer hired to create them in the first place. Only then will they satisfy the craving that led to hiring the photographer. Anything less will make the investment seem overpriced and unsatisfying.

This is why I provide digital files only with accompanying prints or products: without that reference, you may never know what you’re missing. And I can be sure that you have at least one copy that satisfies my vision.

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Exquisite Photo Folios for more Intimate Spaces

If you have not yet let me create a framed wall print, fine-art book, print folio, or boxed set of your pet portraits, you are missing perhaps the most satisfying part of the experience!

And please understand that the photographer’s reputation is at stake. Upon viewing a poorly-reproduced print, people will inevitably ask who took the photo. In that person’s mind, the photographer and his studio’s reputation will forever be tainted by an image over which he lost control.

It might be different if the process of “file-open, file-print” always created exact duplicates of the image as the photographer intended. But anyone with a color printer knows how far from reality this can be, and when printing is inferior, both the customer and the photographer lose.

And while the medium resolution I provide with your order may be big enough for small prints, you really need the full resolution originals for good prints at larger sizes.

I retain copyright to all images I shoot. Any digital files are provided for personal use only, and may not be sold or reproduced in any fashion except as stated in the accompanying agreement.

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Put Your Pet Portraits Where You Can See Them!


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