Becoming phoDOGrapher

My New York dog photography started in Paris.

Street photography of dogs, Paris

“Je n’aime pas les réunions d’affaires”

I grew up with ridiculous dogs (Dachshund, then a Basset Hound) with almost one set of legs between them. They were both pathetic. Both looked guilty most of the time, because they were, and both howled with surprisingly big voices. The Dachshund liked to race through the house pushing an under-inflated basketball until he crashed into a wall or furniture. The Basset Hound had smelly but velvety ears that she tripped over as a pup, and the saddest face I’ve ever seen.

I loved those dogs. And lying on the floor face to face with them could always cure a little depression. Dignity be damned.

But it was during my honeymoon in Paris, after I was already a professional photographer, that I discovered the joy of photographing dogs. (I took more pictures of dogs than of my bride* on that trip). While not as cooperative a subject as humans, they are much more eager to please and have a huge range of non-verbal expression.

Paris is my favorite place in the world so far. Not only is it a beautiful, vibrant city with the best food in the world, but it is full of people who love dogs, and consequently the dogs there seem to exhibit even more personality than I’d ever noticed before. They often sit at the tables in restaurants with their families, sometimes with their own chair, looking like miniature, furry members of the family.

Goofy looking animals are still my favorites. They elicit sympathy, but create more joy than a clown. They are fabulously forgiving and loyal. And they provide an endless range of expression for my camera.

*We celebrated our 25th anniversary this year

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